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Breast Imaging Centers

To reach Sonnenalp Breast Imaging in Edwards, call (970) 569-7690.
To reach the Breast Imaging Clinic in Dillon, call (970) 668-6400

Sonnenalp Breast Center in Edwards and Shaw Cancer Clinic in Dillon provide the most sophisticated technology available for breast imaging and diagnosis of breast cancer in the Rocky Mountains. Both of our imaging center locations offer 3D Mammography, breast experts and a mammo tech hotline. Our knowledgeable and compassionate breast radiologists and mammography technologists provide the best care and expertise to guide patients in the pursuit of breast health.

Our breast radiologists adhere to the American College of Radiology recommendations for screening mammography and recommend annual mammograms annually starting at the age of 40. Any breast concern should not be ignored. If you have a lump, nipple discharge or other change in your breast, no matter what your age, please see your primary care physician, then contact our center to schedule diagnostic breast imaging.

Your images will be seen by certified breast radiologists, experts that specialize in breast imaging. The breast radiologist reviews the breast images (mammograms, breast ultrasound and breast MRI) and then discusses the findings and recommendation with the patient and his/her family and/or caregiver. The consultation provides an opportunity to obtain a second opinion, to speak directly with the breast radiologist about the results and to receive follow-up care recommendations. An order from the patient's care provider is needed for consultation.

Patients may access their breast imaging through PowerShare. This free and secure access tool allows patients to manage a variety of imaging types including MRIs, CT Scans and X-Rays. PowerShare also allows patients the ability to quickly share images with facilities and physicians outside of Vail Health.  

Sonnenalp Breast Center in Edwards and Shaw Cancer Clinic in Dillon adhere to the American College of Radiology (ACR) guidelines for the performance of breast imaging procedures which include mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, breast ultrasound and interventional breast procedures to assure accurate diagnosis and successful outcomes. 

Eagle County: Sonnenalp Breast Center, Edwards

(970) 569-7690
Sonnenalp Breast Center | 322 Beard Creek Road, Edwards
Monday – Friday, 7:45 AM - 5:30 PM

Established in 2002, Sonnenalp Breast Center is accredited by American College of Radiology and the Mammography Quality Standards Act. The Center features a relaxing, spa-inspired interior in a serene, private and comfortable setting. Sonnenalp Breast Center at Shaw Cancer Center offers the most complete and technologically advanced breast imaging services available with the highest level of professional care in comfort and privacy.

Services include:

Summit County: Breast Imaging Clinic, Dillon

(970) 668-6400
Breast Imaging Clinic | 365 Dillon Ridge Road, Dillon, CO 80435
Tuesday – Friday: 7:45 AM - 5:30 PM 
Closed Mondays

The new Breast Imaging Clinic by Shaw Cancer Center in Dillon, CO opened in November 2021. The Breast Imaging Clinic features top clinicians and technology for Summit County.

Services include:

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