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PET/CT Imaging

For imaging scheduling, please call (970) 479-7251.
Shaw Cancer Center's Positron Emission Tomography Imaging (PET) and Computerized Tomography (CT) scan allows physicians to measure the body's abnormal molecular cell activity to detect cancer (such as breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, lymphoma, and melanoma and other skin cancers). PET/CT scans are simple, painless and fast, providing physicians the information they need to diagnose disease early so that treatment can begin quickly.
In one continuous full-body scan (usually about 30 minutes), PET captures images of miniscule changes in the body's metabolism caused by the growth of abnormal cells, while CT images simultaneously allow physicians to pinpoint the exact location, size and shape of the diseased tissue or tumor.
PET/CT Applications
  • Determine extent of disease
  • Determine location of disease for biopsy, surgery or treatment planning
  • Assess response to and effectiveness of treatments
  • Detect residual or recurrent disease
  • May assist in avoiding invasive diagnostic procedures
There are tremendous benefits to having a combined PET/CT scan, including early cancer detection, accurate staging and localization, and precise treatment and monitoring. With the high-tech images that the PET/CT scanner provides, patients have a better chance for a positive outcome and for avoiding unnecessary procedures.
A PET/CT image also provides early detection of the recurrence of cancer, revealing tumors that might otherwise be obscured by scar tissue resulting from surgery and radiation therapy, particularly in the head and neck. The combination PET/CT provides physicians a more complete picture of what is occurring in the body - both anatomically and metabolically. 

PowerShare: Viewing & Sharing Your Images

Vail Health is partnering with the PowerShare™ Network to provide you free and secure access to your diagnostic imaging exams whenever you need them. This means a simpler solution, where you have more control of your MRIs, CT Scans and X-Rays.

Registering with PowerShare takes less than 3 minutes and allows you to:
  • Easily request images be uploaded to your PowerShare
  • Access your images from anywhere, anytime with any internet device
  • Quickly share your images to facilities and physicians outside of Vail Health
  • Have unlimited free storage and access to your images
What imaging exams will I have access to?
  • X-Rays
  • CT Scans
  • MRIs
  • Ultrasounds
  • Mammograms
  • PET scans
  • Nuclear Medicine
When will my images be ready? 
Once you have connected your account to Vail Health, you can request access to your images. Those images should be ready for you to view and share within 2 business days after the request was made.

How do I get started?
Step 1: First register with PowerShare. 
Step 2: Connect your account to Vail Health
There are visual instructions below in the "Need help" section.

What if I don't want to set up a PowerShare account?
That's no problem. If you would prefer to continue to request your imaging documents via CD, please contact our Medical Records team.

Need help? The following help guides can help walk you through the process.