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Support Services at Shaw Cancer Center

At Shaw Cancer Center, patients are not alone on their journey. Our Survivorship Program offers support services to help patients, families, and loved ones better understand and cope with the challenges of cancer treatment.

Please contact the following support team for information on cancer support groups, classes and events:

Opportunities for Support at Shaw Cancer Center

Shaw sponsors a number of cancer support groups to help patients:
  • Women's Wellness Group
  • Prostate Support Group
  • General Support Group
  • Grief & Caregiver Support Group  

Women's Wellness Support Group

First Tuesday of the month
Contact Kristi Grems, LPC at (970) 569-7612 
Open to all female patients of all diagnosis, any stage and during anytime of your cancer journey are invited to come together for support, comradery, and shared experiences.  

Prostate Support Group (Boy's of Shaw)

Once a month in Edwards in person (zoom available)
Contact Sarah Roberts, at (970) 364-2252 
Monthly group for all prostate patients of all stages where patients can discuss their unique experiences with guidance from mental health, nutrition, and fitness professionals. The men of this group have formed a unique bond and often meet outside of Shaw. This is a great place for initial connection.  

General Support Group

1st or 2nd Thursday of the month in Dillon in person and zoom at 12:00 PM
Contact Sarah Roberts, at (970) 364-2252 
This group is in person and virtual and for people with all cancers. We craft a supportive environment for discussion and activities from the patient perspective. This group allows for a real perspective and a way for patients to process their cancer experience so they can thrive day to day.  

Grief & Caregiver Support Group

Every other Thursday of the month via zoom at 1:00 PM
Contact Sarah Roberts, at (970) 364-2252 
This group is virtual to support folks from all over. This group is designed for grievers as well as caregivers experiencing anticipatory grief. The group provides a space to discuss shared experiences and work through ways to cope and live a fuller life while grieving and/or loving someone with a chronic illness.  
While everyone’s experience with cancer is different, feelings of anxiety and isolation are common. Talking to someone who has “been there” can be comforting. Shaw Cancer Center’s Peer Connection Program offers people with a new diagnosis of cancer the opportunity to speak with a survivor who has gone through a similar experience. Efforts are made to match patients with a peer according to diagnosis, stage, age, gender or other preference. If a local match cannot be made, information regarding national organizations that provide peer support services will be provided.
Our psychosocial support team includes a Master’s level licensed clinical social worker and a Master’s level licensed professional counselor. They specialize in helping people whose lives have been impacted by cancer. This is a free service for all Shaw patients and survivors.

To speak with a social worker or counselor: How can an oncology social worker or counselor help?
  • Access information to understand your diagnosis and treatments.
  • Cope with your cancer diagnosis.
  • Consider decisions about treatment options as you think about other factors in your life, including work, family, and personal goals and responsibilities.
  • Understand social security and disability benefits.
  • Obtain information and apply for other programs and services that can help.

Shaw's social worker and counselor offers:
  • Counseling for patients and their family members.
  • Various support groups and educational programs.
  • Information and referral to community resources for assistance with financial concerns, transportation issues, lodging during treatment, community support groups, and more.
  • Information and referral to cancer-related resources and service organizations.
  • Workplace and school education and consultation.

Our social worker and counselor can provide education and guidance on:
  • Effectively communicating with your treatment team members.
  • Talking with your children, family, friends, and co-workers about your illness.
  • Coping with your emotions, such as sadness, anger, grief, worry, and fear.
  • Reducing stress and using relaxation skills.
  • How cancer affects sex, intimacy, fertility, and feeling good about your body.
  • Living with cancer: issues commonly experienced and resources to help you long-term.
  • Planning for your care with the use of advance directives.
  • Life as a cancer survivor.
Pastoral services are available for patients and their families 24 hours/day, seven days/week, extending spiritual care to everyone who requests it, regardless of their faith orientation. The following services can be provided by our hospital chaplain or volunteer chaplains:
  • When you need to speak with someone about spiritual or emotional concerns.
  • When you feel the need for prayer or would like to receive a blessing or the sacraments.
  • When you need help finding or contacting spiritual resources in the community, our chaplains are able to reach out to your faith community.
  • When there is a new diagnosis or a recurrence, especially of a serious or life-limiting disease.
  • Before surgery or other procedure that might create anxiety or fear.
  • To be with family and friends during difficult times or if there is family conflict.
  • To struggle together with unanswerable questions like, "Why is this happening to me?" or "Where is God?"
  • When a patient is facing death or to help with funeral arrangements.
  • When a staff member needs support.
  • Religious rites and rituals as requested by patients, families and staff and as appropriate to the hospital environment. 
To reach a chaplain:
  • Ask your attending nurse to contact Chaplain Services.
  • Dial the operator at "0" on any Shaw phone.