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Nurse Navigator

Please call (970) 569-7661 or email us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

The Nurse Navigator is here to decrease anxiety and fear associated with the cancer journey and facilitate smooth transitions throughout care.  Our navigators guide patients from diagnosis to end of treatment and continue as a resource post treatment. The navigators are the liaison between all components of care; providing information seamlessly to patients/family, and between providers in every care setting the patient uses.
Nurse Navigators will assist you by:
  • Work with you and your care team to ensure your understanding of clinical information and treatment choices 
  • Provide you and your family emotional support
  • Ensure timely access to the care team such as surgeons, physicians, oncology support services and genetic counseling
  • Coordinate and streamline access to the different imaging recommendations, testing and procedures
  • Provide education regarding a new cancer diagnosis 
  • Assist with translating medical reports such as pathology reports and imaging reports  
  • Coach you through decision making pertaining to your care and treatment 
  • Connecting you to resources and supportive services that include but are not limited to: Psycho-social, nutrition, financial, Physical therapy, Spiritual, language translation and fertility specialists 
The primary goal of care coordination is improved health through timely support of our patients and families regarding diagnosis and therapy options, better access to care and improved patient satisfaction

How does it work?

Our goal is to facilitate an appointment within one week of a suspicious finding or the following Tuesday after a finding, during which time we gather pertinent clinical data (such as scans and pathology) for review by Shaw's multi-disciplinary team including, but not limited to: breast surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists.
Upon completion of treatment, we provide the patient with a survivorship care plan that outlines cancer history and treatment as well as anticipatory guidance for future preventative healthcare needs. Our navigators act as a single point of contact throughout a patient's cancer care and maintains an ongoing dialogue with our patients to facilitate improved communication amongst their providers in a timely manner.  

We hope our patients find the nurse navigators a part of their care team who will help enhance their journey and experience while ensuring they receive the guidance and support needed throughout and after treatment.