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Research & Clinical Trials

Each patient that receives treatment at Vail Health Shaw Cancer Center is met with a customized approach to care. Our multidisciplinary team of providers is committed to delivering the latest treatment options available nationwide by offering patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. We offer industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated trials that evaluate patient quality of care and translational research objectives.

There are several reasons why patients choose to participate in research and clinical trials

  • You may gain access to a potentially new treatment option that might only be available to patients participating in the clinical trial.
  • The new treatment in the study may be more effective than the treatment options currently available, making you among one of the first to benefit.
  • Your participation contributes to a global effort to learn more about cancer and help others in the future.
  • Patients who participate in clinical trials will be regularly monitored by the research team, adding an extra layer to your care. In fact, some studies suggest that health outcomes can be improved with involvement in clinical research


We collaborate with the University of Colorado Cancer Center, the Steadman Philippon Research Institute, as well as national research organizations including the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, and NRG Oncology.

Contact Vail Health Shaw Cancer Center to learn more:
Dr. Marielle Darwin, Ph.D., Supervisor of Clinical Research
(970) 569-7787