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Shaw Cancer Center

Protecting our Shaw Cancer Center patients, who experience weaker immunity to virus and disease because of treatment, against COVID-19 is our top priority at Shaw. The following precautions and safety measures are in effect at Shaw Cancer Center:
  • We have a one visitor policy at all of our Shaw Cancer Center locations. 
  • Edwards, CO – When downstairs inside of the Shaw Cancer Center, please continue to wear your mask.
  • Dillon, CO – When upstairs inside of the Shaw Cancer Center, please continue to wear your mask.
  • Anyone who has respiratory symptoms may be asked to return to their place of residence and call their healthcare provider or Eagle County Public Health.
  • Edwards Pharmacy patients: Curbside pick-up is available at the North entrance upon request. Prescription delivery is available to patients for $15 fee for patients experiencing respiratory illness.

Jack's Place, A Cancer Caring House

Please reference our Jack's Place page for any information specific to COVID-19 as it pertains to our guests at Jack's Place.